responsive html5 apps for mobile

Micro Web Apps

Create responsive Apps online, publish using QR-code or send as a minified link via text message. Use it as a micro-website. Share and collect information. Do more, do it better: authenticate users via OTP; validate and check-in users using an inbuilt badge; free your Apps from Appstore.

My Apps

Rapidly build and host data-driven micro web apps

Mobile users account for the majority of online traffic. Instant apps, with no dependency on AppStores and many nifty features, are the best way to reach and address your audience. Online tools help in rapid creation and distribution of these Apps. Captured data, user identification and validation are all at your finger-tips. The apps are automatically added to the virtual AppStore accessible from My-Apps. Check out the demos.

Know More

The platform is an ecosystem of tools and utlities. Users can discover the App in various ways. The App owner can zero in to a user using scanner App or form data console. The in-app messaging lets you send status updates to user app. The app-console located at bookmarks the apps for the user. They will be there when the user will want to revisit them.

responsive html5 apps for mobile

App Discovery

The customer scans the QR code that is visible to him in your premises like reception or over the counter, or by clicking on a shortened URL messaged to him.

responsive html5 apps for mobile

App activation

Scanning the QR-code from the smartphone activates the App. The customer interacts with the app. The app gathers information that the business needs.

responsive html5 apps for mobile

QR-Code badge

The user can display a QR-code badge from his mobile phone using the App. The badge identifies the user. This helps in user check-in for example.

responsive html5 apps for mobile

Badge Scanner

The scanner App scans the user badge and validates him. The Scanner app gives instant access to user's data.


The Email and SMS messaging is integrated with the Apps and is also accessible via console. The In-app messages are free of cost. The OTP messages are charged at reasonable rate.

We also provide SIM card hosting for conversational SMS. The platform tools help in putting togther a conversational app that is instrumented into your SIM hosting device on a click of a button.