QR-code driven catalog app

Catalog maker

Create basic catalog in three steps

Upload images

Upload upto 50 images of your paper catalog, enter name and logo. quick start guide


Review and publish the online and fully hosted catalog. Optionally map it to your user id.


Distribute it to the customers using QR-code or Minified link like https://1do.in/chilly.

The platform is an eco-system of tools and utilities. Users can discover the catalogs in various ways. The App-console located at https://1.do.in, book-marks all the catalogs accessed by the user. This makes it easy for the user to check catalog status or communicate using in-app messages.

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Catalog Discovery

The user/customer scans the QR code, which is visible to him in the premises like reception or over the counter, or by clicking on the messaged minified link.

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Catalog activation

Scanning the QR-code or clicking on the minified link activates the catalog. The customer interacts with the catalog-App. The catalog-app gathers information from the user.

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QR-Code badge

The user catalog displays a QR-code badge on demand. The badge identifies the user. The Scanner App validates the user and pulls user information.

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Badge Scanner App

The Scanner App scans the user badge gives instant access to user's data. You can thus validate and communicate with the user.

Online catalog maker

Mobile users account for the majority of online traffic. Instant catalogs, with no dependency on AppStore and many nifty features, are the best way to reach and address your audience on smart-phones. Online tools help in the rapid creation and distribution of these catalogs. Captured data, user identification and validation are all at your finger-tips. Used catalogs are listed on your console https://1.do.in.

Explore and check out the demos.

** Note that we have used the American version of word 'catalog' instead of the British one 'catalogue'.