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Digital Hosted Catalogs

A digital catalog is a listing of items or services presented in such a way that the viewer can make an educated decision as per his needs.

Convert paper catalogs to digital catalogs so that they are specially tuned for social media distribution.

Create multi-dimensional catalogs for event check-in, visitor management, browsable product catalog, and many more. Maintain catalogs using online tools and utilities

The catalog allows you to take inputs from the user. Use form tools to create forms—integrated payment and taxes.

DeltaCatalog provides the framework to build and host beautiful digital-catalogs. The catalogs are hosted online and are activated using QR-code or personalized minified links. The catalogs let you get information from a user; it could be the email id or the user's liked item. This information is available in your Data dashboard. The system provides messaging to get back to the user with suggestions or steps to buy the item. The catalog uses OTP to validate and gather the contact information of the viewer. The user's contact info allows you to carry communication about new offers and deals using messaging.

Several templates are designed for different levels of catalogs. The simplest lets you put together a set of images and text; data tables drive the more sophisticated ones. You can choose the most appropriate one and customize it. It is also possible to build catalogs from scratch if you go thru the documentation first. Edit catalog pages using WYSIWYG Html editor to do the formatting, image resizing, alignment, etc. The pages are like canvas as such provide you the utmost flexibility in designing the catalog pages.

Each catalog page is associated with a user action. The Actions are primitives that provide dynamism to the catalog pages and powerfully use the catalog's hosted nature. The action can be as simple as the Next button or a sophisticated dropdown generated from the data-tables. The actions let you add an upload button to get user pictures used for visitor management or merely taking his email id/name. In a way, action links various catalog pages together. Thus linked pages can be visualized as a graph which the graph tool lets you view and modify.

Fully Customizable, Easily Accessible from QR-Code, No Installation, Mobile Friendly, Optimized for social media.

The Catalogs can be distributed using the SMS and email messaging service available in the backend Dashboard.

You can make a sale via hosted digital catalogs. There is an option to take online payment thru these catalogs.

Try out the Montblanc catalog app. The verification mode and skin are configurable.

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