Visitor Management System

instant visitor management system

Visitor Management System

DeltaCatalog provides the framework to streamline the visitor management system for the office. This system is fully capable of running only on smartphones. You can use the same approach for the employee badging/student badging system.

The visitor fills in information as required by the visiting company (or event) from a QR-code triggered app using his smartphone. The app is also available on a personalized link of the company, of the form The visitor app on his smartphone publishes a QR-code badge. This badge is exposed by the visitor app when the QR-code icon in the top menu is clicked. The QR-code badge uniquely identifies the visitor (and thus the information he has filled in using the visitor app).

A QR code badge scanner app is associated with the company account. The receptionist and security personnel are authorized to use this app. The receptionist uses the QR-code badge scanner app to identify and access visitor information by scanning the QR-code badge advertised by the visitor app. This QR-code badge scanner app runs from any standard smartphone(or any modern browser). Using the information pulled in by the QR-code badge scanner app receptionist ensures that the visitor's information is filed correctly (including the photograph). She then allows the visitor-in. The receptionist can also annotate the user data with comments(or status of his visit request).

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Convenient, Easily Accessible via QR-Code, No Installation, Pleasing Experience. Better, Cheaper, Simpler than the rest.

The QR-code triggered model provides a way for the visitor to provide information to the visiting office. The visitor app can be integrated with the company's website as a chatbot or forms. This provides the user with multiple ways to provide his identification and visit details, including a picture for identification.

When the visitor reaches the office, he has already filled in the receptionist's information to validate the visit. The receptionist has the Scanner App. She uses this app to scan the QR-badge issued by the visitor app. The QR-badge brings up the visitor's registration information to the scanner app. Thus quick access to visitor information enables her to decide on providing access.

Try out the sample visitor app. The verification mode and skin are configurable (validation left out in the demo app). Minified Link, embed as Form.

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