The catalog's anatomy

Anatomy of the catalog

DeltaCatalog provides a unique platform to build and publish your catalogs. A catalog is a living document. The changes and updates are instantly available to the user. The html canvas provided by the DeltaCatalog platform gives you the flexibility of designing the online catalog they you want it. A catalog consist of three major parts:

Front end components

A delta app has three components on the front-end. These are the top-header, the message and the actions.

main screen of the app

Top Header

On the top header, you have the logo, catalog name, QR-code icon and, contact icon.

A click or tap on the QR-code icon opens up the QR-code badge that identifies the catalog-app instance. Scan the QR-code using qr-code scanner-app to pull details about the user-data from backend.

A tap on the contact icon unfolds the panel with the contact information of the app owner as registered with the DeltaCatalog.

qr-code badge for the app

Catalog Body

A catalog body defines the information you want to convey to the user and establishes the catalog's look and feel.

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page design forcatalog app


A set of actions can be associated with the message. The Actions are like selecting an item from a given list or adding the item to the shopping cart or typing your email id in the input field.

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choice action for the catalog app