Online Catalog Maker Demos

Following section will walk you through the sample ibeyonde catalog, created using online catalog maker tools and utilities.

Minified Link

Demo marketing catalog that is triggered using the link mapped to the user id.

Embed as Chat

Use it as a chat App,UHJGeFZDVm. The user QR-code badge is revealed by clicking on the batch icon on top.

Enable OTP

Same catalog with OTP verification enabled,UHJGeFZDVm. The verification can either be by mobile number to email.

Scanner APP

The Scanner-App will help in identifying the user Invoke it preferably from mobile and then scan the QR-code badge displayed on the Ibeyonde App.

If you have invoked the Catalog App using any of the means above then it is book-marked in your console @ Console

The above demo is a simplistic one put together to showcase various working pieces of a catalog app. In fact, the catalog apps are quite versatile. Use the catalog maker to present your products and services, conduct surveys, conduct tests, send invitations, solicit event registration, visitor management, and many more such cases. The section that follows picks up some catalog application areas and presents how the deltacatalog technology is used to implement them.

Domain specific catalog application domains

QR-code Menu

A QR-code based contactless restaurant menu provides a much needed hygienic solution for your diners. The diner uses his smartphone to browse the menu, check the status of his order and eventually for paying bills. Find out more.


Create beautiful catalogues, gather information from the customer. The HTML 5 catalogue can be viewed on Mobile, Tablet or Computer. QR-Code ready. Find out more.

Visitor management

Touchless visitor management, using QR-code, allows you to provide a pleasing visitor checking system, that saves time for all stake holders in the process. Goto visitor management.

Appointment Management

Create QR-code based or present minified links or online chat to your patients/client to make an appointment with your establishment. Whether it is a clinic, hospital, spa or salon check out how you can get a custom appointment App here.

Party Invitation

Create a beautiful invitation, email, or text minified link. Get RSVP thru catalog-app and send the updates from back-end Dashboard Find out more.

Surveys and Questionnaires

Conduct surveys and send media rich questionnaires. Nothing beats a custom app to run surveys that can validate user and collect meaningful information. Find out more.