Catalog Messaging

Catalog Messaging

DeltaCatalog apps enable you to reach customers with your product or service offerings in many creative ways. These catalogs are optimized for social media sharing, like sharing on WhatsApp and Facebook. There are many ways the user can express his interest in your product or services shared with him via catalog apps. The platform captures the product selection, inputs explicitly asked for, and contact information while validating the catalog user. Using the captured data, you can further a sale by communicating with the customers about offers, ways to buy the product, and keeping the customers engaged in offering them products and services in the future.

email, text or in-app messaging for mirco web apps

The catalog apps offer you in-app messages for status updates. The status update messages are from Data Dashboard or the QR-code badge scanner app. Since the customer may not have the app open all the time, external messaging is used to keep in touch with the customer. A dedicated section on texting and emailing is accessible from the dashboard.

Several features come bundled with the messaging solution. There is a section on audience management. You can upload the customers' contact information, including metadata like their name, address, preferences. This grouping of customer information is referred to as Audience. The online tools help you in managing your customers as groupings called audience. This metadata is included and substituted accordingly when you create and send messages using the message template feature.

A report section lets you analyze the actions on the messages like the delivery and click-thru. The messaging tools provide two-way messaging (on request, available in India). Use this feature to run surveys on SMS text messages. Captured responses for the survey questions are available in the reports.