QR-code badge scanner

Scanner App

QR-badge scanner

The app owner has access to a Scanner app. This app lets him or his appointees scan the QR-code badge presented by the user app. The app pulls out the user data from the backend and enables communication between the app user and the account owner.

scan the badge published by the user app to identify the user

User's QR-code Badge

A user reveals the QR-code badge by clicking on the QR-code button on top of the app, as shown in the figure on left. This badge is unique and identifies the user with the current instance of the app. If the catalog app is used for some event where you allow only registered users then the badge comes in handy. The scanner app also comes in handy for visitor management.

Figure showing the QR-code badge exposed on the catalog app.

The badge scanner URL is available when you publish your catalog. It can also be accessed from the dashboard when you are viewing the user's data. The Scanner app URL requires validation by mobile or email so that only authorized persons can access the user's data.

Figure showing the QR-code badge exposed on the catalog app.

User badge scanner app
User badge scanner app after pulling user data

The scanner app will pull the user's data from the back end on scanning the user's badge. An example screenshot is shown on the side. Note that you can record your comments like entry time in the app itself. The status updates are communicated to the user's catalog app.

Figure showing the user's data.