App Features

App Features

The instant mobile apps are versatile enough to act as marketing tool as well as be useful in several domains, explore them in demo section. The apps are generated using html 5 and are tuned to work seamlessly on mobile devices. The My-Apps console keeps track of the apps that you access on a device.

App Platform Features

We provide online tools to build Apps specially geared towards mobile phone users.

Easy To Manage

The Dashbord provides you full control of the user data and the apps knowledge base that is used to render your responsive app.

Messaging Tool

The account gives you access to messaging tools that you can use to send SMSes and emails to your audience.

App Store

A collection of sample apps that showcases the capabilities as well as starting point of the responsive app.

Many Choices

You can choose from several look and feels that are prebuilt and tested. You can also choose how you will want to identify your user ie, by email or by phone.

App Structure

This section will give you a high level veiw of various components that will go into making the delta app work for you. Get basic understanding of these before moving on to the next section.

App Builder

The online tools help in App creation and updates.

Additional Tools

Helpful tools and utilities are included with the basic toolset.

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